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Europe Tours for Foodies http://europetoursforfoodies.com Excite your pallet Fri, 15 Mar 2013 17:35:48 +0000 en-US hourly 1 George Aquino on Wood-TV – eightWest http://europetoursforfoodies.com/george-aquino-discussing-a-europe-tour-for-foodies/473 http://europetoursforfoodies.com/george-aquino-discussing-a-europe-tour-for-foodies/473#comments Wed, 06 Mar 2013 13:30:43 +0000 Editor3 http://europetoursforfoodies.com/?p=473

Are you someone who loves watching the Food Network, cooking or enjoys a fabulous meal and a good glass of wine? If you’re a foodie at heart and would love to travel like one, now is your chance to travel with George Aquino – see more

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As seen on WOOD-TV – eightWest http://europetoursforfoodies.com/as-seen-on-wood-tv-eightwest/464 http://europetoursforfoodies.com/as-seen-on-wood-tv-eightwest/464#comments Wed, 06 Mar 2013 13:16:23 +0000 Editor3 http://europetoursforfoodies.com/?p=464

Travel the globe like a foodie!

In October, George Aquino, General Manager of the Amway hotel group, and MLive Media Group food and travel contributor will be hosting a 12 day Europe Tour for Foodies. The two week trip will travel through … see more here

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Information Party at Mangiamo! http://europetoursforfoodies.com/information-party-at-mangiamo/451 http://europetoursforfoodies.com/information-party-at-mangiamo/451#comments Mon, 18 Feb 2013 14:32:32 +0000 Editor3 http://europetoursforfoodies.com/?p=451

When: Wednesday, March 6, 2013 from 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Where: Mangiamo – 1033 Lake DR SE – 49506

Let us know you are coming via Facebook

See you there – George.

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Foodies Tour on Sunday Morning Townsquare! http://europetoursforfoodies.com/foodies-tour-sunday-morning-townsquare/402 http://europetoursforfoodies.com/foodies-tour-sunday-morning-townsquare/402#comments Fri, 02 Nov 2012 15:20:08 +0000 Editor3 http://europetoursforfoodies.com/?p=402

On October 21, a radio interview was done with WJRW (AM 1340). Click on the picture above to hear more about the Foodies Tour! For further details about the interview, visit Foodies Tour on Sunday Morning Townsquare!
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Rome – Anguillara Sabazia http://europetoursforfoodies.com/rome-anguillara-sabazia/209 http://europetoursforfoodies.com/rome-anguillara-sabazia/209#comments Thu, 30 Aug 2012 01:06:10 +0000 Editor Name http://europetoursforfoodies.com/?p=209

Benvenuto a (welcome to) Roma, “La Citta Eterna” (The Eternal City). This morning, we explore the wonders of Rome, an energetic, modern metropolis, yet proudly protective of its abundant historical sites, such as the Trajan and Roman Forums, Arch of Constantine, Colosseum and other highlights. And, don’t neglect to toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain. Around 4 pm, we return to Anguillara Sabazia for a few hours of relaxation and to enjoy an aperitif before tonight’s festive ‘Farewell Dinner’ at our hotel, for which  I am hoping to ‘cook up’ a bit of a culinary adventure, if nothing else but an excellent meal.

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Orvieto – Anguillara Sabazia http://europetoursforfoodies.com/orvieto-anguillara-sabazia/205 http://europetoursforfoodies.com/orvieto-anguillara-sabazia/205#comments Thu, 30 Aug 2012 01:03:27 +0000 Contributor http://europetoursforfoodies.com/?p=205

Motor southeasterly through the Tuscan Hills to the province of Umbria for a mid-morning visit to the picturesque hilltop town of Orvieto. We take a funicular to get up to the town. After leaving Orvieto it’s a little more than an hour to the lovely Lago di Bracciano, about 20 miles northwest of Rome. The lake shore resort town of Anguillara Sabazia will be our bivouac for the next two nights. The Italy episode of Everyone loves Raymond was filmed in the old village of Anguillara Sabazia. Across the lake, in the town of Bracciano, is the Castle Orsini-Odescalchi which has served as a venue for celebrity weddings, including Tom Cruise, Christiane Amanpour and Eros Ramazzotti, the famous Italian pop singer. A local train connects Anguillara with Rome in 40 minutes, but why not spend a lazy Sunday afternoon on Lago di Bracciano. For your independent dinner tonight, choose from one of the restaurants in Anguillara Sabazia.

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Pisa http://europetoursforfoodies.com/pisa/201 http://europetoursforfoodies.com/pisa/201#comments Thu, 30 Aug 2012 00:59:48 +0000 author http://europetoursforfoodies.com/?p=201

This is the perfect place and time to slow down a little, with a leisure morning excursion to the intriguing Leaning Tower of Pisa, a visit to the unspoiled medieval town of Lucca, followed by a “Tuscan Wine and Cooking Class” in the special ambiance of a traditional Tuscan vineyard. Learn about the production of local wines and olive oils. Tour the lovely grounds and wine cellar and take part in a wine tasting. During the cooking class, learn how to prepare homemade pasta and other dishes. Top off this culinary experience by enjoying a regional dinner you helped create amidst the beauty of the vineyard.

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Arrival in Paris http://europetoursforfoodies.com/paris-france/110 http://europetoursforfoodies.com/paris-france/110#comments Wed, 11 Jul 2012 13:39:29 +0000 Editor3 http://europetoursforfoodies.com/?p=110

Aaah, Paris, “La Ville Lumiere” – City of Lights. Upon arrival at the Paris airport, transfer to the hotel. The balance of the day is yours to ‘chill out’ and to jumpstart your exploration of Paris. I will provide those who are interested with a list of Parisian foodie places  such as for cooking and baking ware, historic cafes, and hidden gems in the Marais. You should also consider taking an afternoon walk through the colorful old town section of  Montmartre, crowned with the imposing Sacre Coeur Cathedral, from which one has a beautiful view of Paris.  Later in the afternoon, join me for an optional happy hour at a wine bar on ‘Rue Montorgueil’ and I will recommend a few casual dinner spots around the arrondissement for a light ‘after the flight’ independent dinner.Photo provided by the Paris Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

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Paris, France http://europetoursforfoodies.com/paris-france-2/103 http://europetoursforfoodies.com/paris-france-2/103#comments Wed, 11 Jul 2012 13:03:30 +0000 Editor3 http://europetoursforfoodies.com/?p=103

This morning, I invite you to join me on a visit to Paris’ best organic market, the Raspail Market on the left bank. Raspail is a compact market with organic wines, incredible cheese selections and a caramelized onion galette that Parisians line up for every Sunday morning. Afterwards, I invite people to visit other left bank sites such as the La Grande Epicerie de Paris for some of the most delectable food products or take a stroll along one of my favorite parks in the city, the Jardin du Luxembourg. For lunch, I suggest skipping over to the right bank and visiting the food shops at the Madeleine – Fauchon and Hediard – for incredible salads, terrines and one of the best hot chocolates in the city. In the afternoon, we’ll take a boat ride on the Seine River, featuring many of the historical buildings and monuments that have become symbols of Paris. The tour manager will help you get oriented with the city center by pointing out the locations of Notre Dame Cathedral, Eiffel Tower, Louvre Palace, Place d’Etoile and Champs Elysées. For dinner tonight, join me on a ‘Paris Evening’ excursion, with dinner and musical entertainment at a characteristic French bistro in the heart of Paris. I will help you interpret the menu and point out a few selections you might like to try.


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Paris – Beaune, France http://europetoursforfoodies.com/paris-auxerre-beaune/100 http://europetoursforfoodies.com/paris-auxerre-beaune/100#comments Wed, 11 Jul 2012 13:01:26 +0000 Editor3 http://europetoursforfoodies.com/?p=100

Free morning in Paris to catch up on your sightseeing, be it ascending the Eiffel Tower, a visit to the Louvre, going inside Notre Dame Cathedral, or a walk along the Champs Elysées. Leave Paris at noon and motor,  via the idyllic town of Auxerre, to the ancient and historic walled city of Beaune, wine capital of Burgundy and one of the key wine centers of France. Beaune has a rich historical and architectural heritage with features remaining of the pre-Roman and Roman eras. Tonight, experience the great food and wonderful wines of Burgundy. It should be fun to share our dinner experiences tomorrow on our way to Switzerland.

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